On Time Paving has the equipment, experience, and manpower to handle large commercial jobs.
Below is a list and description of some of the commercial services we provide.

Hot Rubberized
Crack Sealing

* Cracks are cleaned with compressed air to remove dirt, debris, and vegetation
* If required, a hot air lance will be used to remove moisture form cracks
* Hairline cracking will remain as is
* Hi-Spec Polmeric Joint Sealing Compound is used on the pavement
* The compound is heated to 350 degrees and poured into the cracks
* A 3-inch band will run across the width of the crack after sealing
* With some cracks, the compound settles just below the level of the pavement

Pavement Sealing

* The pavement surface to be sealed is thoroughly cleaned using wire brooms and a 14-horse power blower
* Oil spots are scraped with wire brooms to remove accumulation of dirt and grease
* The oil spots, under certain circumstances but not always, are sealed with an oil spot primer
* Two applications of Tarconite sealer is applied at a minimum rate of .16 gallons per square yard
* Five pounds of sand is added to each gallon of Tarconite to provide a skid resistant surface
* Also, the additive Armorflex is included in the mix to enhance durability, blackness, and dry time
* The sealer is applied to asphalt via spray, squeegees, and brushes

Line Striping

* Sherwin Williams Set-Fast pavement paint is used for the pavement markings
* The application rate is 15 mills wet which indicates 110 square feet per gallon, or approximately 320 linear feet of standard 4-inch line per gallon
* A Graco Airless Line Striper is used for all pavement-marking applications

Hot Asphalt Repair or Paving

* Damaged areas in need of repaving are cut out and the old asphalt removed
* If necessary, new, processed dirt is brought in
* Three inches of new asphalt is used and then compressed using a plate compactor or a four-ton vibratory roller